Soundproof booths for creating and working

At Huddlestone we manufacture soundproof booths ideal for doing your thing in the best acoustic conditions.

Our three models of soundproof booths

At Huddlestone we avoid complications and technicalities. We don’t want or expect you to be an expert on soundproof booths.

We are well aware that most of our customers fall into two groups: those who look for the best value for money, and those who prefer a custom-made solution.

That’s why we display our options in the most practical way to allow you to choose the most appropriate cabin for you.

Huddlestone Basic Booth

cheap acoustic booth
  • Our low-cost soundproof booth is from €3.619.
  • It’s available in three sizes: 100 x 100 cm, 130 x 130 cm and 150 x 150 cm. The last booth can accommodate up to two people.
  • As well as all the equipment necessary for the booth.
  • Delivery in only 3 weeks.

Huddlestone Custom Booth

soundproof booths
  • Perfect if your looking for a recording booth tailored to your needs.
  • Made to measure according to your space and environment.
  • And any equipment you want.
  • A personalised exterior: colour, logos, vinyls, etc.

Huddlestone Office Booth

call center booth
  • It is the perfect soundproof cabin to facilitate work in an open office.
  • Its particularity is that it has two glazed sides.
  • Ideal for phone calls without distractions and for confidential meetings.
  • Fully customizable and, with wheels, movable.
bateria en cabina insonorizada

4 reasons to choose Huddlestone booths

We know we’re not the best-known brand if you’re looking to buy a soundproof booth. Why would we deny that? However, that doesn’t mean we can not be your best option.

We’d love it if you’d consider us and contacted us to ask about our service and prices. So to encourage you, we’ll give you four reasons to love Huddlestone.

#1 Superior quality

Get more sound isolation for the best price with us.

Specifically, in comparison with similar acoustic booths, ours will isolate 3 decibels more than well-known brands: up to 54,3 dB!

And last but not least, we are an ISO 9001 certified company. This ensures the quality of our manufacturing process and the materials we use: your cabin will have the isolation we say!

iso certification

#2 (Super) Attractive prices

Normally, you research different manufacturers and compare quotes. This doesn’t worry us in the slightest, why?

Because for similar qualities at Huddlestone we provide the best price. Ask us to check out how much your soundproof booth would cost.

#3 (Super) fast delivery

We’ll deliver your Basic soundproof booth in only 3 weeks.

If you choose a Custom booth, the time frame will depend on the characteristics of the booth. But it’ll still be quick, don’t worry.

Quick delivery is one of our top priorities!

#4 A wealth of experience

Yes, we’re new at making soundproof booths for musicians, gamers, presenters and so on.

But we have been manufacturing acoustic booths in the sanitary and industrial fields for more than 30 years.

So we know how to insulate noise and create a good working environment.

Let us tell you the price of your soundproof booth

Do you want to know how much a Huddlestone soundproof booth is worth? Do you have any questions or concerns that we can help you with?

Fill in the following form and we’ll be in contact to tell you about and find the right cabin for you.

Frequently asked questions about our soundproof booths

What are soundproof booths

They are small soundproof rooms that provide three important benefits for anyone who needs quality sound:

  • The inside of the cabins is isolated from outside noise.
  • They dampen the sound from the booth to avoid disturbing the neighbours.
  • They avoid reverberation as sound produced is absorbed rather than reflected.

How we make such good cabins

To achieve this, Huddlestone manufactures modular soundproof booths. The windows are double or triple glazed with an air chamber and an acoustic door with a hermetic seal.

The outside of each booth is made up of removable soundproofing panels of different insulation properties, and using mainly wood or wood derivatives. The interior is made of absorbent foams to reduce reverberation.

Finally, our soundproofed cabins are equipped with an anti-vibration and stabilisation system using silent tilting blocks.

Common uses of a soundproofed cabin

There are several types of professionals who require soundproof booths to work properly.

The most common uses are as follows:

  • Playing music with all kinds of instruments.
  • Recording and audiovisual production.
  • Voice recording.
  • Voice-overs and broadcasting.
  • Telephony and marketing.
  • Meetings.
  • Gaming and Youtube vlogs.
  • Other types of recordings: audio books, e-learning, dubbing, etc.

How the booths are shipped and installed

By the very nature of their components, soundproof booths are very heavy. Even the smaller models are about 300 to 500 kg.

Therefore, we ship the booths in reinforced wooden boxes with a pallet base. The boxes dimensions start at 2150x1150x1200 mm and can weigh up to 600 kilos. This is ideal for transport on both land and sea.

Shipping is not included in the recording booth’s price. We can provide an estimate for the transport if you tell us the full delivery address.

The fact that our soundproof booths are designed modularly makes installation easier. Can you install the booth yourself? It depends on the model you choose. If it’s a Basic booth, you could, although it’ll be harder than assembling a piece of furniture from Ikea.

However, for both Basic and—specially— Custom booths, we strongly recommend that the installation is done by us or a professional installer in your area.

What is the basic equipment that comes with any booth?

We like to think that our customers will create great things in their booths.

So of course we strive to include a pack of accessories and basic equipment:

  • Network connections (voice, data and optional USB).
  • Interior LED lighting.
  • At least one window.
  • Soundproof ventilation using maze-like acoustic systems. Optional: forced ventilation using fans, an aerator or air conditioning.

Shall we talk about your recording booth?

Now you’ve got to know us, it’s the ideal time to contact us. We’re here to help you work better with a soundproof booth tailored to your needs.