Basic: our cheap soundproof booths

cheap soundproof booth

The Huddlestone Basic is our cheapest soundproof booth. However, it’s still excellent quality. What’s the secret? Our manufacturing process allows us to reduce costs.

Ideal booths for one-person activities

If you’re on your own and you don’t need loads of stuff in the pod, the Basic booths are perfect for you. Whilst they perform highly, they have the lowest price.

For example, these cheap soundproof booths are the most suitable for the following activities:

  • Locution. The perfect option as a booth for an announcer.
  • Music: guitar, violin, wind instruments. Ideal as an acoustic pod for individual musicians.
  • Singing. The Basic is the ideal silent booth for singers.
  • Doing sound tests.
  • Recording podcasts. Podcasting is very popular today in online marketing.
  • Doing voice-overs: for video tutorials, radio programmes, dubbing, commercials, etc.

Characteristics of our incredible cheap soundproof booths

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In the end it is about the quality of your work being the best. That’s why we’ve designed the Basic to provide you with an ideal environment.

All of the following components are included in your Huddlestone Basic:

  • Removable panels: made of wood derivatives and materials that insulate against outside noise. A sound absorbing interior with pyramid structure foam.
  • Door: with a hermetic closing for better acoustic isolation.
  • Window: a single window with double glazing and an air chamber.
  • Base: the base of the cabin is an anti-vibration system (silent blocks) that also improves stability.
  • Ventilation: silent and adjustable air renewal.
  • Lighting: LED interior.
  • Closing points: three.

Specifications of each Basic booth model

We’ve provided you with a useful table for you to choose which Basic model is right for you below.

from €3.998


  • 100x100x215 cm
  • 325kg
  • 1 person


  • 120x130x215 cm
  • 375kg
  • 1 person


  • 145x145x215 cm
  • 450kg
  • 2 people (standing)

* In order to properly install the booth, the height of the ceiling must be at least 230 cm.
** The prices we give you are 100% real and refer to buying the booth. VAT not included. Transport and optional installation are not included. Contact us for the total price of having a booth in your home or studio!

Soundproofing data

Sound insulation is ultimately the most important thing in an acoustic booth. As cheap as it is, this aspect cannot be neglected.

With us you’ll have nothing to worry about. The reason is simple: our Basic booths give you the best insulation on the market! In decibels, we’re talking about 54,3 dB. Compare it if you want with that of other brands and you will see that hour cheap soundproof booths are the queens in their category.

In other words: you and your neighbours will get along better, because they won’t hinder your work and creativity, and you won’t disturb their siesta.

If you need more technical soundproofing data, here is a table and a graph:

Huddlestone Basic Acoustic Isolation Metrics

*Data certified in an acoustic test carried out by the University of Zaragoza’s Nivel-4 centre.

Request your Basic booth

If you’re looking for cheap soundproof booths for one or two people (for example, booths for announcers), get a Huddlestone Basic because for a small price you will get enormous benefits.

Fill in the fields of the following form and we will contact you to tell you everything you need to know.

Frequently asked questions

Can I do the installation myself?

It’s technically feasible. In other words, if you really want to, you can. The booths are modular, so they can be perfectly assembled and disassembled. This is ideal for transportation if you move.

However, we must tell you that installing the low-price soundproof booths requires effort (as the pieces are heavy) and time.

So either set an evening aside, enlist a friend to help and have a cool drink ready, or ask for our professional installation service.

Can I change any of the features of the Basic booth?

Our cheap soundproof booths come as is. That is, if for example you want a bigger booth, a glass door or an extra window, you need something more personalized. Take a look at our custom-made booths.