Office booths and meeting pods: for a workplace without distractions

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A soundproof office pod addresses the lack of focus and privacy found in most open offices today.

The fact is that the continuous noise of people moving up and down, incessant calls and meetings in meeting rooms from which everything is heard, prevents you from working comfortably.

What is a good solution for so much environmental noise? Soundproof booths for offices. Three quick wins are as follows:

  • Those who want to call do so without disturbing
  • Those who have to concentrate enjoy being able to do so
  • Meetings are more productive and take up less physical space

Benefits of having an acoustic office pod

To understand the benefits of a soundproof office pod, we must take into account a maxim of everyday life in any office: people are constantly talking.

We talk to customers and we talk to each other. We do it over the phone, in a meeting room or at the same work table. And the reasons are multiple: presentations, teamwork, interviews, project follow-up, customer service, employee evaluations, video conferences, etc.

When we introduce a phone booth in an office, the idea is simple: separate the people who need to talk from those who seek silence to concentrate.

When you work without interference and when meetings can be held free of distractions and in complete privacy, you notice:

  • #1 Increase internal collaboration
  • #2 Customers are treated better
  • #3 The work environment improves

The goal is not silence itself but the happiness of the people who work in the office. And it is that when one works more at ease, he performs more and better.

What our Office pods look like

At Huddlestone we make small and large size soundproof office pods:

  • Small office pods are ideal for phone calls and video calls. Many of these calls tend to be quick and punctual, so the person often prefers to remain standing. Since the phone is isolated, the ambient noise in the office is greatly reduced.
  • Large office pods represent a new concept of meeting room: without works, soundproofed and smaller. The size may seem silly but it is ideal when most of the time a meeting room is occupied by one, two or three people. Better more small rooms than less large ones.
all-inclusive office cabin icon

With everything you need

We equip our office pods with all kinds of connections: electricity, USB, network and telephone line. But not only that, the double glass door allows the entry of natural light and the booths are perceived as more accessible and therefore more used. Well, and of course, they have light and ventilation so that there is fresh air renewal.

icono cabina oficina todo incluido

Highly customized

We can make you the soundproof office pods you want. Not only in terms of measurements, or in terms of extras (we can put the two glass sides, a table or a screen for videoconference), we also offer a huge variety of colors and finishes (materials, vinyls, logos) so that the booth matches with your workplace and reflects your brand image.

icono cabinas transportables

Full mobility

We always recommend putting wheels on the acoustic cabins because in offices it’s common to have to move them around. With wheels, it’ll be easy to do! Moreover, as they are made of modular parts, our office pods can be disassembled and transported.

2 reasons to be your soundproof office pods provider

#1 A lot of experience

At Huddlestone we have been building silence for more than thirty years. In other words, we are very good at manufacturing phone booths. We know what companies need when looking for a soundproof pod for their offices.

#2 Certified quality

The materials we use and the manufacturing process we follow ensure excellent sound insulation from 34 dB. Also a great durability, which allows you to amortize the cabin more. We say this not only because we think so (we do) but because we are an ISO 9001 certified company.

iso certification

Request a quote for soundproof office pods

If you have come this far it is because you are like us: a lover of silence in order to work more and better. Leave us your contact information and we will contact you to find out which cabin you need for your office and see how we can help you.